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Meet Our Team...

Jennifer Wiggin

Kate Way

Tom Wiggin

Allyson Rice

As Co-Founder, Owner and Executive Producer of Atomic Focus Entertainment, LLC. Jenn has overseen the creation, production and distribution of multiple film and streaming projects.  She was previously the Executive Producer in charge of Production for The STAGE Network and produced all original content for the Network. She has produced talk shows, unscripted reality series, short films, documentary series and filmed theatrical events.   Previous to her work in film and television, she worked as a theatre producer in NYC for more than a decade.

is a longtime educator, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. Kate holds a doctorate in Education with a focus on critical media literacy and the politics of K-12 schooling. As a documentarian her major film projects include Stop Time (2022) - distributed by New Day Films - and G is for Gun, (2018), distributed by Bullfrog Films. G is for Gun premiered nationally on the PBS WORLD Channel in 2018 and was chosen to headline the Meet the Press Festival in Washington, D.C. the same year. 

Tom’s work at Atomic Focus continues a professional show business career that has spanned five decades. He started as an actor, playing leads on Broadway, Off-Broadway, on Prime Time TV and on daytime TV. He expanded into writing: first for soaps such as Another World and As the World Turns; then writing an optioned screenplay (Gift of the Robin’s Nest) and completing a novel (The Client’s Wife).

For Atomic Focus, Tom has served as a creator, producer, and director for projects such as World Class, Crossovers Live, Thursday in the Park and The Charleston Literary Festival.

Allyson's work in the industry began as an actress on stage and on television for decades.  She now prefers behind-the-scenes roles.  Her work at Atomic Focus followed several years as the Assoc. Director of Creative Development and as Executive Producer at The Stage Network.  She is award-winning as a Producer/Director, as an author, and as a mixed media artist.

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